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About women aprilie 18, 2008

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There are a lot of stupid women, wrong judgment, hate, anger, lack of originality, lack of beauty, lack of brilliant thoughts, just few words in their vocabulary and a lot of false pride.
And they are talking too much when nobody is asking for their opinion.
When such a woman is crazy about a man, she is able to insult everybody around only to prove that she is right.

The world is full of them, not only blond hair, but also dark hair.


About men

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The men are having dangerous minds, not all of them, but most of them.
More intriguer as women are, talking too much, doing less than you expect.
They are kind and nice only when they are interested in you, otherwise they are always playing their stupid games. And if you dare to express yourself, they are immediately deciding that it’s time for you to stop talking. I hate this!