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Tracy Chapman – Matters of the Heart martie 30, 2009

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I lose my head
From time to time
I make a fool of myself
In matters of the heart
We should have been holding each other
Instead we talked
I make a fool of myself
In matters of the heart

But I asked before
Your reply was kind and polite
One wants more
When ones denied
I make a fool of myself
In matters of the heart

I wont call it love
But it feels good to have passion in my life
If theres a battle
I hope my head always defers to my heart
In matters of the heart

I guess Im crazy to think
I can give you what you dont want
I make a fool of myself
In matters of the heart

I wish that I had the power
To make these feelings stop
I lose all self control
In matters of the heart

I cant believe
Its so hard to find someone
To give affection to
And from whom you can receive
I guess its just the draw of the cards
In matters of the heart

You caught me off guard
Somehow you reached me
Where I thought I had nothing left inside
Ive learned my lesson Ive been edified
In matters of the heart

Ive spent my nights
Where the sleeping dogs lie
Not by your side
It feels so lonely
Once again Ive left to much to chance
In matters of the heart

Here I sit
Im feeling sorry for myself
Its quite a sight
But I have you to thank
For reminding me
Were all alone in this world
And in matters of the heart

Im already missing you
Although we wont say good byes
Until tomorrow afternoon
Maybe when and if I see you again
Well see eye to eye
In matters of the heart

I have no harsh words for you
I have no tears to cry
If the moon were full
Id be howling inside
It only hurts
In matters of the heart

If today were my birthday
Id be reborn
As brontes bird a bird that could fly
And all accounts would be settled
In matters of the heart

Matters of the heart
Imi place foarte mult melodia aceasta, iar de Tracy Chapman imi place din ce in ce mai mult.


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