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Violete de Parma martie 20, 2009

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violetadeparmaFlorile sunt purtatoare de ganduri bune. Se spune sa nu atingi femeia cu altceva, decat cu o floare. Sper sa nu se inteleaga ca ar fi vorba despre ghiveci…


Gossip Newsletter

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Today’s gossip news: March 20, 2009

Justin Timberlake is launching his own line of tequila

Justin Timberlake really is proving himself to be quite the Renaissance Man – at least when it comes to entertainment and business. He successfully transitioned from a boy band to a musically respected pop star. He opened up two restaurants in Manhattan, Southern Hospitality and Destino, that have both managed to do well. His clothing line, William Rast, is hugely successful. So what’s left for him to do? Tequila. Not a shot of it – Timberlake is coming up with his own brand. …

John Mayer wants to write a tell-all about Jennifer Aniston

I’ve never been a fan of John Mayer. There were five minutes in college where I thought he was a genius – but seriously, that haunts me. The shame I feel whenever I look at him is unbearable. „I used to think you were epic.” But now the self-involved singer drives me up the wall – not just for his self-centeredness, but for the way it translates into how he treats the women he dates. Which can quickly be summed up by saying Mayer is a user. Now that he’s broken up with Jennifer Aniston for the second time, John knows the paparazzi is going to lose interest pretty soon. According to Star, he’s come up with a great way to hold their attention – and make a ton of cash. He’s planning on writing a tell-all about Jennifer. How’s this for a parting shot: Big mouth John Mayer wants to spill the intimate details of his relationship with Jennifer Aniston in a no-holds-barred book – including the night Jen called him „Brad” in bed!….

OK! Magazine claims Katie Holmes is pregnant

From the time she popped out Suri, tabloids have been speculating that Katie Holmes was pregnant again. Now OK! claims she really is and since the tot is almost three years old, it seems a more reasonable possibility. OK! says they have a confirmation from a family friend, and coupled with Katie’s slightly fuller figure and “undeniable” glow, that’s practically a positive pregnancy test in hand

The new addition, however, remains a secret. Katie, 30, and Tom, 46, have shared the news with only a small group of friends and family, preferring to wait until she’s at least three months along before going public…..

Britney Spears turns down $3 million autobiography deal

How much do you think Britney’s life story is worth? Lindsay Lohan is rumored to have been paid $2million for her 22 year old story, Miley Cyrus got paid $4million for her tale of 16 years. Britney, at 27, has arguably had a much more interesting life, although perhaps her biography would be worth less since her mother sold a reasonable portion of the tale in her book Through the Storm. However, for Britney, $3million isn’t enough.

I understand that she wants more money – this is the biggest exclusive ever, telling the whole, unadulterated truth about her teenage sex life (Justin Timberlake watch out!), her rise to fame, her pushy parents, her marriage, her teenage sister’s pregnancy, her mental breakdown and her comeback. Frankly, she could probably make $3million from selling just a portion of that story to People. If Miley Cyrus can get paid $4mil to whinge about how the public perceive her relationship with her father, surely Britney should get more than that, even if she……

Paris Hilton meets her boyfriend’s mother – who’s just as trashy as Paris

Paris met the mother of her new boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt, while vacationing in Hawaii. Which sounds well and good, except for one little problem – his mother, Kelly, looks exactly how you’d expect Paris to look in twenty years. Hilton was actually upstaged (never thought you’d hear those two words in a sentence together, did you?) by Doug’s mother, who out-accessorized the heiress with long blonde hair, a wild bag, oversized sunglasses, and a large straw hat.

It’s hard to know what to wear when you meet a new boyfriend’s parents for the first time. Is the dress too low-cut? The hemline too short? Or, in Paris Hilton‘s case, will your new mother-in-law’s outfit overshadow yours? As the heiress and new boyfriend Doug Reinhardt holidayed in Hawaii yesterday, they were joined by his lookalike mother. Click for photos….


Toi et Moi-Celine Dion si Charles Aznavour

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Ziua francofoniei continua…


Ziua Bloggarilor Bucuresteni-in 30 Mai 2009

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“Mesaj important pentru bloggerii din Capitala!
Pe 30 mai sarbatorim Ziua Bloggerilor Bucuresteni (ZBB). Vor avea loc concerte, video-proiectii, târguri de blogging, expozitii, vânzari de produse ale bloggerilor, petreceri etc.
Informatii si înscrieri pe
Trimiteti mai departe mesajul sa circule in blogosfera. Multumim”


Astazi este Ziua Francofoniei

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De ziua francofoniei  La Iulius Mall
De ziua francofoniei la Ambasada Frantei in Moldova
Alte informatii despre Ziua Francofoniei.
Cum se sarbatoreste in mediul educational.

Pentru ca noi suntem francofoni, o sarbatorim in felul nostru.