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– PARIS (AP) — The Brangelina twins are here: Angelina Jolie has given birth to a girl and a boy. iulie 13, 2008

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The obstetrician who delivered the twins, Dr. Michel Sussmann, told The Associated Press that the actress, the babies and Jolie’s partner, actor Brad Pitt, „are doing marvelously well.”

Sussmann said Jolie gave birth to a boy, Knox Leon, and a girl, Vivienne Marcheline, by Cesarian section on Saturday night.

He told the AP on Sunday morning that the boy weighed 5.03 pounds and the girl 5 pounds. The 33-year-old actress gave birth at around 8 p.m on Saturday night, the doctor told The AP by telephone.

Pitt was there during the operation, said the doctor, who delivered the twins at the seaside Lenval hospital in Nice in southern France.

„Everything is going well,” said Sussmann. „The mother, the babies, the father are doing marvelously well.”

He said the Cesarian was moved forward from its originally planned date „for medical reasons” so that the babies could be born „in the best conditions.” Sussman did not give details.

He said Jolie is expected to stay in the hospital for a few more days. The doctor said he believed the baby girl’s middle name was chosen in honor of Jolie’s mother, actress Marcheline Bertrand, who died in Jan. 2007 after a 7 1/2-year battle with cancer.

Jolie and Pitt already have four children: Maddox, 6; Pax, 4; Zahara, 3, and Shiloh, 2.

Associated Press


4 Responses to “– PARIS (AP) — The Brangelina twins are here: Angelina Jolie has given birth to a girl and a boy.”

  1. …si cate milioane de dolari? 17….

  2. Sa le traiasca, sa fie fericiti, numai ca incepe sa semene a gradinita si cu toti banii din lume, disponibilitatea permanenta ceruta imperios de fiecare copil e extrem de solicitanta si de greu de realizat…
    Dar tineretea si dragostea fac minuni, asa ca cine stie… 🙂

  3. forevergreen Says:

    Bani adevarati, nu gluma…

  4. forevergreen Says:

    Sa le traiasca, sa fie fericiti si sa-i ajute si pe altii sa fie:)

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